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Make sure you are running the latest Catznip release.
This document refers to an older (possibly depreciated) version.

Catznip R12.0 is the Latest Release (Template:ReleaseDate R12.0), Release Notes.

Catznip R11.0 (December 2016)

Catznip R11 is a maintenance release that brings the viewer up to date with the Linden changes.

Reported Issues

R11 New:

  • Quick Preferences panel - auto-added to everyone's bottom toolbar; please test and give feedback
  • Quick Appearance - several options to deal with avatar complexity in a (hopefully) more intuitive and easy way
  • Quick Wearing - fast access to worn items + list of complexity cost per item (WIP - context menu not complete yet)
  • Quick WindLight - change WindLight presets easily
  • CATZ-225: Split long chat/IM messages into multiple chunks
  • OpenJPEG Updated to 1.5.2 (from 1.4)
  • CATZ-CATZ-266: Change the avatar hover height from the quick appearance panel
  • CATZ-CATZ-264: Added version number to title bar
  • CATZ-CATZ-225: Split long chat/IM messages into multiple chunks

R11 Fixed:

  • [FIXED] CATZ-163: Changing Windows Audio Output Device requires a relog to work
  • [FIXED] CATZ-207: Feedback floater doesn't close after submitting feedback
  • [FIXED] CATZ-244: Edit Hover button doesn't work
  • [FIXED] CATZ-256: Avatar profile pictures on the IM control panel are always blurry
  • [FIXED] CATZ-241: Next owner checkboxes are inaccessible on the inventory item properties floater (localization bug)
  • [FIXED] CATZ-248: Help / About is missing the BUILD_* substitutions
  • [FIXED] CATZ-267: Offers/notifications from/to avatars with the Resident last names log to the wrong file
  • [FIXED] Avatars with large inventories remain a cloud for a long time after clearing cache and relogging
  • [FIXED] CATZ-178: Ability to switch between IM tabs with keyboard
  • [FIXED] CATZ-238: Picking an object tint color is unintuitive when the current colour is white/black
  • [FIXED] CATZ-20: Mini Map context menu does not allow 'Stop Tracking' on occasion
  • [FIXED] CATZ-239: "Invite to group" from an open conversation doesn't pre-fill the other party's name
  • [FIXED] CATZ-263: Sorting by appearance doesn't take the new Bento attachment spots into consideration
  • [FIXED] There's no visual indicator when an object's inventory is being refreshed
  • [FIXED] Newly created/empty notecards aren't tracked for asset recovery
  • [FIXED] Offlines from Resident last names log to the wrong file
  • [FIXED] Crash reports aren't sent
  • [FIXED] Avatars with large inventories remain a cloud for a long time after clearing cache and relogging
  • [FIXED] CATZ-251: Build button doesn't actually bring up the build floater
  • [FIXED] Reverting an outfit after wearing new attachments doesn't detach the extr attachments
  • [FIXED] Tentative crash fix when the appearance floater is visible
  • [FIXED] The "AgentComplexity" notification frequently spams nearby chat
  • [FIXED] CATZ-259: Erroneous Text in Avatar Complexity Message
  • [FIXED] CATZ-262: Unread IM feature (re)opens an IM session with no visible history when logging in

New (RLVa):

  • RLVa can now be toggled on/off at the login screen without requiring a viewer restart
  • Added the @list and @stopim IM queries (+ little easter egg *hint*)
  • @sit[:<null-uuid>]=force will ground-sit the avatar (if permitted)

Fixed (RLVa):

  • [FIXED] 2 bugs relating to evading folder locks
  • [FIXED] Path separator ('/') cannot be used in shared folder names and shouldn't be returned by @getinv and @findfolder(s)
  • [FIXED] Force wear commands don't work from the console
  • [FIXED] @setgroup:<string>=force will now do a "starts with" rather than an exact match
  • [FIXED] Edge case issues with @fartouch and other touch related restrictions
  • [FIXED] Can't select a face on a nearby object when both @fartouch and @touch* restricted
  • [FIXED] Object inspectors aren't shown on nearby objects when both @fartouch and @touch* restricted
  • [FIXED] Non-touch left-click actions on nearby objects are blocked when both @fartouch and @touch* restricted
  • [FIXED] Objects can be edit-dragged farther then the current @fartouch distance
  • [FIXED] Don't show tooltips for objects/avatars that are outside of @fartouch range
  • [FIXED] Exclusion ranges for @recvim and @sendim are calculated wrong
  • [FIXED] Can't copy/paste folders when RLVa is disabled
  • [FIXED] RLVa can be enabled from the command prompt (bypassing user consent)
  • [FIXED] Invalid check for @shownames exception on object chat
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